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Office of Campus Operations

Phone: 646-660-6030


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Office of Campus Operations

Baruch College/CUNY

One Bernard Baruch Way, Box A-213

New York, NY 10010

Campus Operations

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Facilities Planning, Design and Construction is directed by Tom Gaimaro and supported by the Senior Project Manager, Campus Architect, Assistant Architect and Interior Designer.  The department is responsible for the College's planning, design and construction projects for space enhancements and renovations.  Facilities also prepares the annual capital plan that is submitted to CUNY, manages the College's space management program and signage.

Baruch Furniture, Equipment, Paint and Other Finishes Policy

With the welfare of students, faculty, and staff as the driving force of Baruch’s Department of Campus Facilities, the purpose of this policy is to enhance efficiency, ensure ADA compliance and improve the process of purchasing furniture, fixtures, and equipment at Baruch College.

Please note, in accordance with the University’s Property Management and Procurement Policy & Procedures, non-approved furniture is not permitted on campus. Furniture from sources such as: Staples, Ikea, Amazon furniture, or furniture from home is not permitted on campus. If these items are found on campus, they will be removed immediately and at the direct expense of that Department. 

The steps below highlight the process of requesting FF&E and opening a Project Number with Baruch’s Department of Campus Facilities.

The following policy applies to all furniture requests:

  • Campus Facilities has preselected various lines of furniture and furniture systems for the requesting Department to select from.  Campus Facilities utilizes the New York State Office of General Services Contract to purchase furniture (Group #20915).  Only NYS OGS approved vendors will be contracted to supply and install campus furniture.
  • All College Departments are responsible for the costs of purchasing, installing, removing, recycling, and relinquishing furniture.
  • Prior to placing any of the above requests, all faculty and staff must be granted approval from their Vice President, Department Chair, and/or Dean; previously selected projects, from these members will be given priority. New project requests will be reviewed based on the Fiscal Priority list.
  • Each request will be properly reviewed by Campus Facilities and recommendations will be given on how to proceed. Factors that will be considered include: scheduling, functionality, availability, pricing, sustainability, etc. Campus Facilities upholds the direct rights to “accept,” “put-on-hold,” and/or “reject” projects, based on scope, and availability of funds resources and scheduling.
  • If the project is deemed acceptable, a Project Number will be generated and a project timeline established. A team will be assigned to that project and a design scheme confirmed.
  •  Once all project items have been selected, a final quote package will be provided listing all purchasable items for that project. Based on University Procurement Policy & Procedures, each department is responsible for submitting its own project’s quotes to Baruch’s Procurement Services Department.  (See link for steps-  
  • Any questions related to Purchase Orders should be directed towards the Department placing the request (Requisitioner). All final Purchase Orders should be issued back to the Requisitioner and to the Office of Campus Facilities for vendor delivery and coordination.
  • Campus Facilities will coordinate with Buildings & Grounds and the Requisitioner for the delivery, install, related furniture moves, and any needed infrastructure.
  • All equipment requests (i.e. phones, computers, printers, etc.) are to be coordinated by the Requisitioner and processed by Baruch Computing and Technology.
  • Campus Facilities will take responsibility for receiving and inspecting furniture during installation and delivery.
  • The Requisitioner should provide 8-12 weeks lead time, from the time the purchase order is approved and submitted to the vendor.  
  • As there is no furniture storage on campus, all displaced furniture is subject to relinquishment and donation when corresponding new furniture is purchased.
  • If ADA or ergonomic accommodations are requested, please contact Human Resources directly 
    Campus Facilities will not procure a chair request for special accommodations for issues such as back problems.


The following policy applies to all Equipment requests:

  • No Personal refrigerators, microwaves, toasters, heaters and/or lamps are allowed on campus, as they pose a harmful risk to faculty, staff and students if left unattended. Please contact Campus Facilities for departmental accommodations.
  • Task lighting is acceptable under the approval and preparation of Campus Facilities. See link to Project Request Form below for all lighting inquiries.
  • Campus Facilities must be notified prior to ordering lab equipment, or materials requiring power and/or water connections. Other equipment requests (i.e. phones, computers, printers, etc.) are to be coordinated by the Requisitioner and processed by Baruch Computing and Technology.

The following policy applies to all Finish Requests:

  • The paint shop is responsible for all interior and exterior painting on Baruch’s Campus.
  • Personal painting is prohibited.
  • Painted graphic walls and murals are not permitted.  Temporary vinyl graphics are acceptable with the approval of Campus Facilities prior to installation.
  • Priority is given to maintaining and repairing student and public spaces.  A new hire does not constitute an automatic paint job, replacement of furnishings, and finishes.
  • As per Baruch standards, pre-selected paint colors and carpeting have been chosen for the campus. They will be implemented in all new projects as part of a five-year maintenance program. Only these finishes are to be used.
  • Window treatments are available as required for any project.

Please use link to submit project request forms:


Baruch College/CUNY
Facilities Planning, Design and Construction
17 Lexington Avenue, Box A-213
New York, NY 10010

Tel: 646-660-6052