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Office of the Registrar


Office of the Registrar

ePermit has changed! Starting with winter 2016 ePermit will be integrated into CUNYfirst where students will be able to create (outgoing) ePermits via the Student Center. The CUNYfirst epermit process will allow students to request permission from their HOME College to attend the other CUNY Colleges and to self-enroll seamlessly for courses throughout CUNY based on established Transfer Rules. Prior to taking courses at other CUNY Colleges, students should inquire at the HOST College for registration dates and procedures governing visiting CUNY students on ePermit.

(Note: Outgoing ePermit application deadlines can be found here.)

Each permit request is for a single course and its equivalent. Thus, a student needs to complete a permit request for each equivalent course he/she would like to take at other CUNY Colleges. Tuition is charged and paid at a student’s HOME College. However, any additional fees pertaining to a specific course(s) are paid at the HOST College.


ePermit Eligibility Criteria

  • Students must currently be matriculated at Baruch College. (Visiting students and Non-degree students are not eligible.)
  • Undergraduate students must have 2.0 (or higher) cumulative GPA at Baruch.
  • Graduate Students must have 3.0 (or higher) cumulative GPA at Baruch.
  • Students must have no negative holds that impact enrollment activity on their records. (E.g. advisement, library and bursar holds)
  • Students must meet all Baruch College registration requirements, such as residency and immunization.
  • All prerequisites must be completed prior to submitting a permit request. Please check the desired courses' Enrollment Requirements (prerequisites and co-requisites) at both Baruch College and the host college before applying.
  • ePermits will not be approved for 1st semester freshman or transfer students except Macaulay Honors College, ROTC and CUNY BA students.

To file an ePermit follow these steps:

  • Login to CUNYfirst.
  • Navigate to the Student Self Service: Student Center.
  • Select the ePermit option on the drop down menu (says Other Academic). Click on the double-arrow button beside it.
  • If you are an undergraduate student, select the Term and ‘Add ePermit with Equivalent Courses’ option (preferred for undergraduate students). Use this page to find the course you wish to take. Once you select the desired course, click on the ‘fetch equivalent CUNY courses’ to search for equivalent courses across all institutions. (Please note: Cross check the fetch results with the following course equivalency websites: Transfer Services and TIPPS [Host College ---> Baruch College].)
  • Click Continue.
  • Select the course corresponding to the desired host college for the ePermit request. You may want to use the ‘Schedule of Classes’ to view open sections at the host college here.
  • Click on ‘ePermit Form’ to continue.
  • Make sure your ePermit request is assigned to the proper semester. Choose a ‘permit type’. Click on Submit, and you’re done! Your request will be marked as ‘Initiated’.
  • Once submitted, you can check the status of the ePermit by returning to Student Center > ePermit option on the drop down menu > Choose the desired term @ Baruch College > "Search Epermit" > Select desired ePermit application on far left hand side > "Continue".

Please Note:

Processing time is approximately 5 - 7 business days upon receipt of the application at Baruch College. During times with a high volume of requests, applications can take up to 10 business days to process. (Processing time at the host college is not within our control.) You will NOT be notified of the status of submitted ePermit requests by Baruch College, please check the status of your requests by logging into your account.

Once an epermit is approved by Baruch College, a "PERM" code will be placed in student’s Baruch College enrollment records. This “PERM” place holder code represents the number of units intending to be completed at the host college(s) and to trigger tuition. (Note: Students do not have permission to drop this code from their schedule.) Afterwards, you have to wait for the Host College to process your ePermit at their end and give you an active term and enrollment appointment.  Then, you can try to enroll into the HOST course using your CUNYfirst account (add course to Shopping Cart >> Checkout completely). Appointment and registration issues at the Host College should be follow-up with the Host College, not Baruch College.

If you do not use an approved ePermit please cancel your ePermit application via CUNYFirst (desired term @ Baruch College), drop the Host Course before the first day of the term (if you were able to enroll), and notify our unit of it. Host courses dropped on or after the first day of the term will have tuition liability in accordance to the Host Colleges’ tuition refund/liability calendar/schedule. Please see ePermit FAQ on how to cancel an approved ePermit.

All tuition and fees for ePermits must be paid to the home college. Tuition is calculated based on the Host college credits. Courses for which material fees are applied are paid by the student to the Host College.

All credits and grades of courses taken at the host institution on approved ePermit will be transferred and posted to the student’s record and included in their cumulative grade point average. After the end of the official grading period at Baruch College a job will be run to retrieve all ePermit grades, collectively. Grades and credits will ONLY be posted to the students’ record in accordance to what was approved.
1“The number of credits transferred for each course will be the value assigned by the Host College and not the Home College.” (E.g., Home course = 3 cr., equivalent Host course = 4 cr.; upon transferring back to Baruch College, 3 cr. will be attached to the home course, and remaining 1 cr. will be elective credit. Home course = 4 cr., equivalent Host course = 3 cr.; upon transferring back to Baruch College, only 3 cr. will be attached to the home course.) 1

Additional Important Information:

*HOME COURSE* field on the application is required (if there is one available).  Make sure ‘home course’ and ‘host course’ are equivalent.  You may use both websites noted below to check for course equivalency.    [HOST COLLEGE ----> BARUCH COLLEGE]

*There is a 'Term Credit Load' limit for each term/session (here). If the epermit course will place student above the maximum credit load, an adjustment in the schedule must be made to accommodate for the epermit course.

* ‘Duplicate registration’ is not permitted. You cannot be enrolled in the course you are requesting to take at another college via ePermit. (*You have to drop course at Baruch. NO seats are guaranteed at any college, if you drop it'll be at your own discretion.*)

*The F-replacement Policy DOES NOT apply to courses taken on ePermit. If you want an ‘F’ grade to be replaced, you have to retake the failed course at Baruch College. Read more about ‘Repeating Failed Courses’ here.

*No permit will be issued for courses that have been repeated three times at Baruch College.

*Currently, there are NO equivalent courses, at other colleges, to transfer back as MTH 2205 or MTH 2207. Please do not request ePermits for these two courses. Such requests will be denied. The only options available are MTH 26102 and MTH 2206, or there’s no equivalent.
2 Please note: ***MTH 2610 Enrollment Requirements: Requires placement into course or have completed MTH 2001, MTH 2003, or equivalent with a grade of 'B' or better.***

*Courses in the Zicklin disciplines3 are NOT permitted to go out on ePermit to the School of Professional Studies and community colleges.
3 Please note, the following disciplines are part of the Zicklin School of Business: accountancy (ACC), computer information systems (CIS), economics (ECO), finance (FIN), insurance (INS), law (LAW), business policy (BPL), management (MGT), business (BUS), international business (IBS), marketing (MKT), operations research (OPR), real estate (REA), and statistics (STA).

*(Zicklin disciplines) E-permit requests for courses that DO NOT have a Baruch equivalent will not be considered and/or approved by the Zicklin committee. (ACC courses for the purpose of fulfilling the 150 cr. CPA requirement are subject to this policy as well.)

*FIN-BBA & ACC-BBA majors are NOT permitted to take MAJOR CLASSES on ePermit. [E.g. *Finance*: FIN 3610, 3710, 4000’s, 5000’s, and ECO 4000.] [*Accounting*: Any 3000-level or above ACC courses, TAX 3300, and cannot take ACC 2203.]

*All capstone courses must be taken at Baruch College.

*Each ePermit request is for a single host course and its Baruch equivalent per college.
Exception: Natural Science courses (or any such courses) at another CUNY college that has the Lecture and Lab as separate components. Both the matching Lecture and Lab can be assign to the same ePermit request.

*E-permit requests are specific to what is indicated in the application, and will not be transferrable. If you need to make changes after an approval, please cancel the approved ePermit request and submit a new ePermit with the desired change (e.g. another term, college, or course). This only applies to changes made BEFORE or ON the date of the deadline to submit ePermit applications. (Note: Outgoing ePermit application deadlines can be found here.)

*The Winter Inter-session is part of the ‘Spring Term’. Indicate the Winter inter-session by checking the box provided in the request. If you are requesting ePermit for the regular Spring term (that usually meets from January to May), DO NOT check the ‘Winter’ box.

*It is important that your CUNYfirst account has the correct email address on file. If not, please indicate your official Baruch email in the ‘Comments’ section in the ePermit request in case we need to contact you about the request.

*Any request for a course that has a previous unresolved grade of ‘INC’ will not be reviewed and/or approved. Any request for a course that has received a passing grade of ‘A’ to ‘D’ will not be reviewed and/or approved.

*You can reach the Baruch ePermit unit via email at . (It is preferable to email the unit using your official Baruch student email and always include your name and Empl. ID (which is your CUNYfirst 8-digit ID number). Please allow 1 3 business days for a response on your email inquiry.