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Manage Your Appointments and Enter Your Online Sessions (AdvisorTrac)

Requests for various recordings of online sessions have been made by students.  Please be advised that for privacy reasons, recordings of online sessions will not be made available.

SACC’s Virtual Front Desk

To assist you, SACC’s Front Desk will be available as a Virtual Front Desk in Zoom beginning Thursday, April 2nd and continuing for as long as SACC services remain online.

You can access the Virtual Front Desk by clicking FRONT DESK.

Virtual Front Desk will have dedicated staff starting on Monday, June 8th on Mondays - Thursdays from 12pm-2pm & 4pm-6pm.

The Virtual Front Desk in Zoom may also be staffed at other times within SACC’s normal hours of operation, depending on staff availability.  You may also email with your questions or concerns.


SACC Services are Fully Online Until Further Notice

Effective March 19, 2020 and until further notice, all tutoring, workshops, embedded support for MTH 1023 (PLTL) and 2009 (recitation) are being conducted in a fully online format to help keep our staff and students safe from the COVID-19 virus. 

To enter your online session, click on the Enter Zoom Appointments button (light blue button in image below) found under Upcoming Appointments.  Please note, the Zoom button appears 15 minutes before start time.  You may have to refresh your screen to see this button.

Enter Zoom Appointments

For detailed instructions for Tutoring and Workshop students

For detailed instructions for PLTL and Recitation students

Please check your Baruch email and SACC’s website frequently for the latest information.

Thank you!
The SACC Staff


Manage your SACC Appointments

What you can do:

  • Schedule appointments
  • Cancel appointments

Accessing AdvisorTrac, SACC's Online Scheduling System

Before you access AdvisorTrac for the first time, please view these short tutorial videos or read the step-by-step instructions below:

SACC AdvisorTrac tutorial videos:
     Schedule an appointment
     Cancel an appointment

Step-by-step instructions to schedule an appointment:

1. Navigate to AdvisorTrac
2. Log into AdvisorTrac using your Baruch Username and password.
3. Click "Search Availability" under the "Student Options" menu on the left.
4. From the drop down menu under "Center", select "SACC".
5. Select your course from the "Section" menu.  For SAM Software tutoring, be sure to select the course option that contains the word SAM at the end of the name of the section.
6. Select the "Reason" for your visit.
7. Click "Search "
8. The available times for each tutor will be displayed to the right.
9. Click on the time you would like your appointment.
10. Review the details in the "Appointment Entry" pop-up box and then click "Save".
11. The Appointment Entry pop-up box will disappear confirming that the appointment was successfully created.
12. A confirmation email with the details of the appointment will be sent to your Baruch email shortly and your upcoming appointment will reflect in the Main Menu.

To cancel an appointment:

1. Navigate to AdvisorTrac
2. Log into AdvisorTrac using your Baruch Username and password.
3. All of your upcoming appointments will be listed on the left under your Calendar.
4. To cancel an appointment, click the "X" next to the appointment (at the end).
5. Confirm Cancellation button.

NOTE: If you need to cancel an appointment, you must cancel at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time or it will count as a miss. Students who miss too many appointments will be blocked from scheduling additional appointments for the remainder of the semester. For the policy on lateness, please visit FAQs.


To access AdvisorTrac, you need to have an active Baruch username and password.  This is the one you use to log on to computer workstations on campus and to access your Baruch email account, NOT the one you use to access CUNYfirst and Blackboard.

Get your Baruch username.
If you need to reset your password.

Manage Your Appointments and Enter Your Online Sessions (AdvisorTrac)