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Student Conduct


The Office of the Dean of Students through the Office of Community Standards is responsible for providing a fair and educationally based system for administering the University’s student conduct system. This system creates a safe, welcoming, and equitable campus community for all students. The process for responding to alleged violations of the Baruch College Code of Conduct and/or Henderson Rules is outlined in Article XV of the CUNY Bylaws. The intent of the following information is to provide students with a better understanding of the student conduct system in place.

Process Flow Chart

Student conduct process flow chart. Click for full text description.
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It is through this process a student will understand the policies of Baruch College. It is also the aim of the Office of the Dean of Students to provide students with a better understanding of not only the policies, rules, and concepts of fairness and due process, but also of the rights and responsibilities of all who are a part of the College community.

By equipping students with the knowledge and tools necessary to be successful, the Office of Community Standards believes that students will understand how their decision-making and actions/behavior can impact them and other members of the campus community. 

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