Disability Services

Assistive Technology

Five devices used to accommodate individuals with disabilities

Consistent with Baruch College's mission of access and excellence in post-secondary education, Student Disability Services (SDS) provides assistive technology to allow students to achieve their educational, professional, and personal goals. Our staff will assess students' assistive technology needs and match the appropriate technology to maximize their full potential.

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology is specifically designed to be used by individuals with disabilities to increase or maintain their functional capabilities. Assistive Technology can be either hardware or software.

Examples of Assistive Technology:

  • Text-to-speech software that tracks and highlights text as the text is read aloud to those with cognitive disabilities
  • Screen reading software that reads text on the computer screen to blind individuals
  • Screen magnification software that enlarges text and images for visually impaired users
  • Speech recognition software to assist individuals who have limited or no use of a keyboard and mouse when entering information into a computer
  • Alternative mice and keyboards utilized by those with physical or motor impairments
  • Personal FM system used by individuals who are hard of hearing

Cognitive Disability

Hearing Disability

Motor Disability

Visual Disability

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