Disability Services

Accessible Computer Labs

Students at computer stations in a lab Accessible computer stations with various assistive technology and height adjustable tables are located throughout the Baruch College campus. If you are unable to locate these stations please ask lab staff for assistance.

Note: if you are using a screen reader to access the above link, please download the resulting PDF file for optimum accessibility.

You may also contact Student Disability Services for additional assistance at (646) 312-4590.

Assistive Technology Lab Rules--VC 2-280

  • Always sign in and out
  • The lab is only to be used for course related work
  • No eating or drinking allowed in the lab
  • No talking on cell phones
  • Turn off cell phones or put them on vibrate
  • Always handle the equipment with care
  • See Reginald Coupet (room 263) or Ron Bissessar (room 275) or other SDS staff if there is a problem with the equipment
  • Always leave your work station clean and tidy
  • Do not leave your work station unattended for more than 10 minutes. An unattended work station for more than 10 minutes will be given to another student if needed.
  • Do not use the lab as a holding space for items and belongings. SDS staff is not responsible for personal belongings left behind. 
  • Please note the lab closes at 5:00 PM from Monday through Friday.