Jeanette K Watson Fellowship for Freshmen and Sophomores

Jeannette K. Watson FellowshipThe Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship provides internships, mentoring, and enriched educational opportunities to promising New York City undergraduates with the goal of increasing their life choices and developing their capacity to make a difference in their own and others’ lives.

Information Session: 11/13/12, 12:45-1:30 pm,
Honors Study Room

Application Deadline: 02/04/2013






The centerpiece of the Fellowship is on-the-job learning that will:

  • Provide opportunities for leadership and personal growth;
  • Help test in practice what you may be learning in the classroom;
  • Provide experience and insight on choices for a future vocation;
  • Assist you in thinking about graduate program opportunities;
  • Help you present a more compelling application for national fellowships, graduate admissions, and jobs.

The Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship offers fifteen students paid internships for three consecutive summers. The internships will be closely supervised and provide challenging work from which one can learn.

In the course of the program, interns (Fellows) are encouraged to sample work in at least two of three sectors: nonprofit organizations, government service, and private enterprise. Each internship lasts up to ten weeks. The stipend is $5,000 for the first summer and $6,000 for the second and third summers.

Fellows will meet regularly in seminars with their peers, the fourteen other Jeannette K. Watson Fellows who are selected from ten New York City colleges, to discuss their internship experiences and talk about important issues with distinguished New Yorkers. Each year, 45 Fellows are at various stages in their three-year tenure.

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