The Freshman Learning Community Program

“Ideas made more sense to me when I was able to see the connections between different subjects. It’s more like the real world.” — Winnifred Lee (07)

LC_for_StudentsLearning Communities is an exciting program designed to enrich academic and social experiences and opportunities for incoming freshmen at Baruch College. Common scheduling and small classes enable students to connect with and rely on each other as they confront and embrace new challenges and possibilities. The result is not only a springboard to academic success (learning community students historically post markedly higher GPAs than other freshmen), but also a strong cohort, a bond with friends and faculty that can last a lifetime. Paired classes allow for an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning that is both rewarding and enlivening as students participate in discussions and prepare assignments that link concepts and ideas from two academic disciplines.

Incoming freshmen who are attending an orientation have the opportunity to choose a block of classes that is designated as a learning community. Space is limited for these popular blocks.

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The Freshman Learning Community Program


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You can also watch video of students taking part in and discussing Learning Communities.

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