Learning Communities FAQ

What is a Learning Community?

Learning Community consists of two classes that are linked for the purpose of providing students with deeper understanding and integration of the material they are learning. Consequently, students interact more with each other and with their teachers who are fellow participants in the learning process. Learning community classes are limited to 20 students each.

How is it different from other freshman blocks?

As a part of the required liberal arts core, all incoming freshmen will be enrolled in a block of five classes for the fall semester. All of these classes will fulfill the liberal arts requirement for a degree at Baruch.

In a learning community, two of the classes are linked through common discussions, assignments, and co-curricular activities. In addition, all students in the community will participate in the Freshman Seminar classes that are scheduled throughout the fall semester. A peer mentor is assigned to each Freshman Seminar to assist students in the college transition.

Why should I choose a Learning Community block?

In a learning community, students experience the benefits of being part of a small group of students. Enrollment in the paired classes is limited to just your group, so there are opportunities to get to know each other as well as your professors. In college, it is important to develop good connections with the faculty as they become the base of future networking both in graduate school and in your professional life. In addition to your regular classes, your learning community professors plan a couple of trips out into the city to enhance discussions in the classroom. You may attend a concert, play, tour, museum or restaurant. These activities are an important part of the class, and it's expected that all students attend.

Do I have to sign up for both classes of the learning community?

Yes. At Freshman Orientation, you will be enrolled in a block of classes. At this time, you will have an opportunity to select a block that includes a learning community that is of interest to you.

Are Learning Communities offered every semester?

Learning communities are only offered in the fall semester for incoming freshmen.

Will I have extra work in a Learning Community?

No. You will receive a separate grade for each class, but your assignments and tests will combine what you have learned from both classes.

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