Industrial & Organizational Psychology PhD Program

Program Overview

The industrial and organizational (I/O) psychology training area provides doctoral-level training in I/O psychology, a field that focuses on the scientific study of the workplace – including both organizations and their employees. I/O psychologists need to develop skills in the design, execution, and interpretation of research in psychology and to apply that research to help address human and organizational problems (SIOP, 2010).

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The training program in I/O psychology is designed to prepare students for a wide range of career paths in academic, organizational, and consulting settings. Consistent with the model of I/O psychologists as both scientists and practitioners, our program places a heavy emphasis on developing students’ research and analytical skills as well as the core skills and knowledge of I/O psychology. The program fosters a collaborative culture where students and faculty work together and support one another in the pursuit of student development and research excellence.

The I/O program includes six I/O psychologists with wide-ranging interests and expertise including:

Prof. Karen LynessKaren Lyness



Prof. Harold GoldsteinHarold Goldstein




Prof. Yochi Cohen-CharashYochi Cohen-Charash



Prof. Charles ScherbaumCharles Scherbaum



Prof. Loren NaidooLoren Naidoo



Prof. Erin EatoughErin Eatough



The program has approximately 25 students in residence as well as others who are completing their dissertations.

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