Prof. Elizabeth ReisElizabeth Reis

Phone: (646) 312-3819

Location: VC 8-281


In 1984 I received my Ph.D. from Columbia University in Cognition with a Special Education focus.  I hold a License Clinical Social Work ( LCSW) as a result of competing a degree in Social Work from Hunter School of Social Work in 2006.  I also have   two other master's degrees in the areas of Mental Retardation and Curriculum from Teacher's College, Columbia University.  Currently I am interested in writing cases as well as exploring evidenced based clinical interventions that apply behavioral and cognitive sciences to clinical problems. I enjoy working closely with students and mentoring the use of evidence-based research to support position papers on a variety of areas in the field of psychology.  

I am available and interested in assisting students to explore next career steps within either their major in Psychology or within their Minor in Psychology.


Reis, E. (2002) Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Implications for the classroom teacher.  Journal of Instructional Psychology, 29(4), 175-178.

Hickson, L., Blackman, L.S. & Reis, E. M. (1995). Mental retardation: Foundations of educational programming.  Allyn and Bacon: Needham Heights, MA.

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