Business Writing

The Business Writing specialization is an option for the BA student who is interested in combining business journalism with preparation in business administration and interdisciplinary study within the business communication major.

Business Writing provides students in business, public affairs, and liberal arts with a firm foundation in professional writing for business purposes. The program includes options to study business and marketing-related writing, Internet communications, legal writing, journalistic writing, and financial writing. Students will expand their research, analytical, and writing abilities as they study and become proficient in the use of workplace-related writing. This minor is particularly recommended for students preparing for careers in business, government, marketing, management, public relations, media, law, education, politics, and with nonprofit organizations.

Base Curriculum Courses credits
No credit toward the major/specialization
ENG 2100 Writing I (or its equivalent) 3 credits
ENG 2150 Writing II 3 credits
ENG 2800 Great Works of Literature I (LTT 2800) 3 credits
ENG 2850 Great Works of Literature II (LTT 2850) 3 credits

Program Prerequisites 12 credits
MKT 3000 Marketing Foundations 3 credits
MGT 3120 Fundamentals of Management 3 credits
STA 2000 Business Statistics I 3 credits
STA 2100 Statistics for Social Science 3 credits
ECO 1001 Micro-Economics (may be applied to the base curriculum) 3 credits
ECO 1002 Macro-Economics
(may be applied to the base curriculum) 3 credits
ECO 1110 Current Economic Problems (this addition was made in Fall '09) 3 credits
CIS 2200 Introduction to Information Systems and Technologies 3 credits

Major/Specialization: 30-33 credits

Interdisciplinary Core: 12-13 credits

Business Communication
JRN 3050 Journalistic Writing 4 credits
JRN 3150 Business Communication 3 credits
JRN 3220 Media Ethics and Law 3 credits

Choose one course:
MKT 3520 Advertising and Marketing Communications 3 credits
MKT 3600 Marketing Research 3 credits
MKT 3605 Consumer Behavior 3 credits
MKT 4171 Public Relations 3 credits

Choose one course:
MGT 3300 Management: A Behavioral Approach 3 credits
MGT 3800 Management and Society 3 credits

Business Writing Specialization Requirements

Required Courses (10-12 credits)
JRN 3200 Business and Financial Writing 4 credits
and two of the following
JRN 3100 Copy Editing 3 credits
JRN 3150 Business Communication 3 credits
JRN 3500 Advanced Reporting and Writing 4 credits
JRN 3510 Multimedia Reporting 4 credits
JRN 5050 Media Internship I 4 credits
JRN 5051 Media Internship II 4 credits
JRN 5052 Summer Media Internship 4 credits

Electives (6-8 credits)
JRN 3060 Feature Article Writing 3 credits
JRN 3100 Copy Editing 3 credits
JRN 3210 Television Field Reporting 3 credits
JRN 3220 Media Ethics 3 credits
JRN 3450 Journalistic Blogging 3 credits
JRN 3500 Advanced Reporting and Writing 4 credits
JRN 3510 Multimedia Reporting 4 credits
JRN/ENG 3615 Sudden Fiction - Crafting Short Short Stories 3 credits
JRN 3600 Creative Nonfiction 3 credits
JRN 3800 Environmental Reporting 3 credits
JRN 3900 Topics in Journalism† 3 credits
JRN 4200 Press Coverage of Politics and Policy 3 credits
JRN 4220 A Century of Muckraking: Investigating Corporations, Corruption, and Governmental Crooks 3 credits
JRN 4750 Investigative Reporting 3 credits
JRN/ENG 4920 Narrative Writing 4 credits
JRN 5000-5002 Independent Study in Journalism Variable
JRN 5050 Media Internship I 3 credits
JRN 5051 Media Internship II 3 credits
JRN 6001H-6002H Journalism Honors I and II 3 credits

†Students may enroll in JRN 3900 more than once if the topic is different.

For additional information about the program and prerequisites, contact the Journalism Office, 646-312-3987.


Department of Journalism and the Writing Professions
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Prof. Josh Mills (646) 312-3937

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