Art History

Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Because we are located in a city of endless artistic resources, Weissman offers special opportunities for the study of art history. We emphasize the value of investigating art in various historical contexts and enable students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of visual culture throughout history.

As an Ad Hoc Major

Students interested in a combined concentration in Art History and Theatre may do so as part of an Ad Hoc Major. Courses selected may be from two or more disciplines based on the acceptance of a proposal by the faculty advisor. Students who are interested in including art history courses in an ad hoc major should arrange to meet a faculty advisor in the department. For course information see Online Bulletin.

As a Minor

A Tier III Minor in art history requires students to complete two art history courses at or above the 3000-level, and one capstone course, which is at the 4000-level or above.

For more information check the current Student Bulletin.


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