Department of English

Literature as a Specialization
English literature courses are designed to help students sharpen their reading and writing skills, gain new insights into human nature and cultural diversity, achieve increased flexibility in their own approach to life, and expand understanding of how the world works.

A specialization in literature is also excellent preparation for graduate level study,  enabling students to acquire knowledge of the range of Western and non-Western literature, including major figures such as Chaucer and Shakespeare.

Students specializing in literature should select a broad base of courses. We especially recommend courses in comparative literature, foreign languages, communication studies, history, art, music, religion, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and education.

Literature as a Minor
Students who choose to develop their intellectual abilities in these areas with a Tier III Minor should select two courses numbered 3000 or above, in addition to an appropriate 4000-level capstone course. All 4000-level offerings in the Department of English or an Independent Studies course in English may serve as the capstone course.

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