Women’s and Gender Studies

As a Minor

Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of women’s individual and collective experiences and of the construction of gender roles for both men and women. Courses in this program will examine the sources and impact of gender expectations and relations, the complex roles women play, the social, political, intellectual, and cultural contributions women make within a variety of global cultures and societies, and/or the construction of gender, femininities, masculinities, and sexualities.

Students who minor in Women's and Gender Studies must complete two 3000-level courses in two different disciplines and a capstone course, either WSM 4900 Topics in Women's Studies or ENG 4525 Readings in Queer Literature, Media, and Theory.

For more information check the current Student Bulletin. You can also see teaching faculty and their research specialties.


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The City University of New York