Environmental Studies

Department of Natural Science

As an Ad Hoc Major

The department also offers a specialization in environmental studies as part of an arts and sciences ad hoc major. This major includes courses in the sciences and additional courses from the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, the Zicklin School of Business, and the School of Public Affairs. The course of study integrates ecological principles in the dual context of science and society.

Students who are interested in pursuing this major are urged meet with a faculty advisor in the office of the Department of Natural Sciences. 

As a Minor

Environmental Studies may also be taken as a Tier III Minor. A minor in environmental studies fosters scientific literacy and an understanding of the scientific method of learning.

Students might wish to minor in environmental studies will include two courses at the 3000 level, and one capstone course at the 4000 level.

For more information check the current Student Bulletin.

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