Department of Natural Sciences
As an Ad Hoc Major

As a part of an ad hoc major, a student may select one or more physics courses. The Department of Natural Sciences offers a preprofessional specialization that enables students to include biology, chemistry and physics courses as part of an arts and sciences ad hoc major. Students prepare for entry into professional schools of medicine, dentistry, and other health care fields; graduate study and teaching. Students combine basic courses in the natural sciences with advanced electives.

When students are ready to declare a major within the department of natural sciences, they will be assigned to a faculty advisor who will assist in the development of the specific ad hoc major program.

As a Minor

Physics may be taken as part of a natural sciences Tier III Minor. For the natural sciences minor, students take two natural sciences courses at the 3000 level, followed by a capstone course at the 4000 level.


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