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As a Major

Our lives, our communities, and our world are significantly shaped by political events. Political science provides students with an understanding of the multifaceted ideas, structures, and processes of politics in the United States and globally. Courses are designed to accomplish three principal objectives:

  • help the student acquire and establish habits of critical and creative thinking about public issues
  • enlarge and broaden students' understanding of significant data, major ideas, and political activities
  • prepare students for careers in law, government, journalism, and education

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An undergraduate degree in political science opens doors to many career paths. With such course offerings as Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties, it is, of course, a natural conduit to advanced legal studies and law school. But a degree in political science also sets the stage for study leading to university professorships, public and private careers as political scientists, policy analysts, and administrators, to name just a few possibilities.

Today's students face the prospect of multiple career changes and the reality of stiff global competition for jobs. The advanced analytical and communication skills, and expanded world vision, that are all byproducts of the study of political science, combine to construct an ideally suited launching pad for career success now and in the foreseeable future.

As a Minor

A minor in political science will help students to thrive in the political environment in which their future economic and social activities will be conducted. Selection of a minor must be made with department consultation and approval. To suit the special educational needs and objectives of individual students, appropriate substitution of designated courses may be made after consultation with the departmental advisor.

Students may minor in any of the discipline's six areas by taking two 3000-level courses in an area plus POL 4900, Political Science Capstone Seminar.

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