Instructions for Curriculum Forms

Proposals must be submitted in Microsoft Word via email to Sonya Wahab .

Please review the following guidelines before submitting materials:

  • The LEARNING GOALS are the objectives of the course or program. These may include bodies of knowledge, analytical or critical skills, research skills, oral or written communication skills, etc.
  • If a course is designated COMMUNICATION INTENSIVE (CIC), describe the communication intensive elements of the course (consult the official CIC Guidelines).
  • The BULLETIN DESCRIPTION should provide students with a clear and concise statement regarding the content of the course. For guidance as to the appropriate course number or level, see the Undergraduate Bulletin ( Policies and Procedures, Chosing Classes, The Course Numbering System), and consult with Sonya Wahab.
  • OTHER DEPARTMENTS CONSULTED - OTHER SCHOOLS CONSULTED - CROSS LISTED IN: Issues such as how to strengthen the curriculum through course articulation with other departments, units within Baruch, and how to avoid unnecessary duplication are considered by the Curriculum Committee. Consult the relevant department(s) before submitting the proposal. There must be consensus among departments before a course proposal is sent to the Committee. When appropriate, fill in OTHER DEPARTMENTS CONSULTED and/or OTHER SCHOOLS CONSULTED. If the course is to be cross-listed, please fill in CROSS-LISTED IN.
  • PROJECTED ENROLLMENT AND FREQUENCY OF OFFERING (Form A) are required by the Board of Trustees.
  • The RATIONALE should explain all changes to the curriculum (courses, programs, minors, majors, etc.) New course or program offerings should include such information as: What is the place of this course in the department's and College's overall curriculum? Where will the course fit into the curriculum: as part of the core curriculum, as part of a major, as an elective? Does it replace another course in the department?
  • The COURSE OUTLINE should give the Committee a sense of the content and structure of the course.
  • REQUIRED TEXT(S) AND READINGS should include optional readings. Please supply complete bibliographic data in the standard format.
  • EVALUATIVE CRITERIA should indicate the type of required assignments (tests, papers, reports, projects, etc.) that will be used in grading. The College is committed to improving students' communication skills; the Committee will give special attention to writing and speaking assignments in all courses where such activities are appropriate.

Gary Hentzi, Associate Dean & Director of Graduate Studies, (646) 312-3885

Sonya Wahab, Associate Director of Academic Affairs, 646-312-3892

The City University of New York