Arts & Sciences Ad Hoc Major

Custom Design Your Own Major

The Weissman Arts & Sciences Ad Hoc Major is appropriate for students who find that the conventional majors at Baruch do not quite match their educational goals.  Students create this major by combining courses from two or more departments into an integrated field of study with a clear liberal arts focus.  There is no Ad Hoc major within the Zicklin School of Business or the Marxe School of Public and International Affairs.


An Arts & Sciences Ad Hoc Major must:

1.  Contain thirty to thirty-three (30-33) credits, with at least twenty-four (24) liberal arts credits.

Students must complete all necessary course pre-requisites.  As with all majors, at least 60% of the major credits must be taken at Baruch College.

2.  Contain courses from at least two different Weissman departments, with a minimum of three (3) courses [9-12 credits] from each of those two departments.

3.  Contain no more than three (3) non-liberal arts courses (only Zicklin course from the approved list may be included).

4. Contain no more than two courses from the discipline in which the student intends to complete a minor (those one or two courses cannot be used toward completion of the minor).

5.  Be approved at least one semester prior to graduation.
NOTE: If you intend to include ZBUS courses, the proposal must be fully approved before you will be given permission to enroll in those courses. 

Your application should be one to one-and-a-half pages in length.  You must explain how the courses you select combine to form an integrated knowledge base that could not be achieved through an existing Baruch major, and how this area of study supports your educational goals.

Blank application forms and samples of ad hoc majors may be obtained at the Career Development Center (VC 2-150) or at the Center for Advisement and Orientation (VC 5-215).

Application for an Ad Hoc Major


Sandra Kupprat, Arts and Sciences Coordinator, Starr Career Development Center,

Students with questions about the status of submitted major forms should contact the Weissman Major Form Unit at

The City University of New York