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Fellowships provide financial support for students to support their academic studies or to develop their academic interests beyond the classroom and the regular assignments required of a typical undergraduate or


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graduate class. Fellowships are available to all students, and we encourage you to explore your options.  Applying for fellowships starts with a good idea, so a high grade point is not the only criterion. Many other aspects of student life are taken into account in order to qualify, such as community service or other extracurricular activities. Students often report that getting the chance to do their own research with a mentor or to study abroad has transformed their educational experience. 

Many students find it particularly exciting to work closely with a faculty mentor on both the design of a research project and the subsequent process of carrying it out. At the Weissman School, we can help guide you through the steps to any kind of fellowship, from building your connections to faculty, to refining your initial ideas, all the way through the stages of writing your proposal. So, depending on your interests, there is probably a fellowship that will support your work and development. There are no constraints based on discipline or field of study.  We encourage all qualified students to investigate fellowship opportunities.

Winning a major fellowship or scholarship is a great honor that can open many doors to new colleagues, institutions and experiences. Whatever your personal and professional goals, fellowships are worth the time and effort required for their pursuit. Whether or not you receive an award, you will emerge from the fellowship application process with a stronger sense of who you are, and a clearer vision of what you want to do.

What’s the difference between fellowships and scholarships?

There is very little difference in practice, and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. There are a few minor technical distinctions: Scholarships usually refers to grants in support of undergraduate education, and fellowships usually refers to grants in support of post-baccalaureate projects, or to pre-baccalaureate projects pursued outside the normal curriculum. All scholarships and fellowships are grants.

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