Tutoring Whether you are just starting college or are on the home stretch towards graduation, the pursuit of a college degree is challenging. Even the best students can become overwhelmed. We encourage all Weissman undergraduate students to take advantage of the extensive free tutoring opportunities offered through Baruch College's nationally certified and award-winning Student Academic Counseling Center (SACC).

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Tutoring is available in most undergraduate courses. Working with a tutor can help you improve your grades in difficult subjects, learn better study skills, manage your time more effectively, become more organized, and more. Our tutors also help students prepare for the ACT in reading, writing, and math, as well as the College Proficiency Exam.

Who are Your Tutors?

Most SACC tutors are rigorously trained Baruch undergraduate students who have demonstrated a high level of academic and interpersonal skills. Often times they major in the subject they tutor. Some graduate students and faculty also work with SACC.

Appointments are highly recommended. Accommodations are available for students with disabilities.


More information is available by clicking here or by visiting the Student Academic Consulting Center Website -- SACC, 646-312-4832.

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